Crime Scene Technician and How to Get a Crime Scene Technician Job

Many individuals are interested in the position of crime scene technician and how to get a crime scene technician job. This particular law enforcement position is extremely valuable when it comes to evaluating scenes, in which a crime occurred. It involves gathering evidence from that area, collecting and evaluating evidence, and concluding what occurred at a specific time, and any potential motive associated with the scene. This type of position is often referred to as “Forensic Science”. The individuals that perform this job as professionals work in collaboration with many different law enforcement departments, as well as legal professionals, and individuals in the criminal justice system. Here, you will learn about the crime scene technician, and how to get a job in this position. Education and Training: There are many different ways in which an individual who is interested in becoming a crime scene technician can acquire the education and training that is necessary to perform their professional duties. Typically, one way in the educational process is attending a criminal justice academy. This type of institution is much the same as that in which law enforcement officers attend. This assists in providing an individual with the basic knowledge of law and the criminal justice system. Another way is attending a criminal justice school. This can be done online or at a traditional school, like a four year university. Courses that should be taken include the following: 1.Criminal Law 2.Crime Scene Evidence 3.Criminal Investigations 4.Crime Scene Photography 5.Collecting Evidence 6.Evidence Analysis and Interpretation In addition to the above, the individual who wishes to work in crime scene investigations may also need to provide proof of proficiency in the following law enforcement areas: a. Shooting b. Defensive Tactics c. First Aid d. Fingerprinting (application, techniques, and interpretation) e. Bloodstain Analysis f. Forensic Photography g. Footwear Proficiency Employment Outlook: The employment outlook for individuals who are seeking how to get a crime scene technician job is very positive. Unfortunately, there will always be crime and many do rely heavily on computer technology to interpret results from various pieces of evidence in crime scenes. But, computer technology is not adept enough to offer the same expertise and experience as crime scene technicians have to offer. There are a large number of crimes that are investigated by technicians who are specialized in crime scenes. Assaults, burglaries, theft, kidnappings, rapes, murders, suicides, vehicular crimes, and more are often researched by individuals in this field of law enforcement. In addition to the large number of crimes that are researched by those in this field, there are many types of agencies that may call upon these professionals. These include those that work for labs that research crimes, state and national agencies, fire departments, hospitals, medical examiners, and even detective evidence departments. If you are interested in how to get a crime scene technician job, the information provided here is likely to prove to be extremely beneficial. You may also want to do more research on the internet. You can do this by visiting websites that cover the crime scene technician career in more detail. Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the Resource Box should be included and the links are live links.

Crime Scene Investigator and How to Get Crime Scene Investigator Jobs

Crime Scene Investigation or CSI as you may know it, because of the television show has become one of the most popular programs on network TV in the last few years. The original show also spawned the programs CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. Those shows are created and produced by Anthony E. Zuiker. This article isn’t about how to create a television show, but I wanted to point out the popularity of a career based on the general public’s knowledge about it from television. When the movie Top Gun was released in 1986, it helped the Navy and Air Force boost their recruitment. CSI has no doubt sparked interest in crime scene investigating and forensic science. Everybody wants to be in a field that is demanding, not just because of the allure but because a career that is being sought after has many benefits. What does it take to become a crime scene investigator? A college degree is not required but it can help to move you towards the list of people that will be considered for such a career. If you have a formal education, you’ll also need to add other skills to your resume. Photography, computer skills and drafting are all essential in crime scene investigation. Just like the television show CSI, the people involved in gathering evidence also are able to process it and that includes a general knowledge of forensic science. Some on the job training will be provided by the employer and if you want to extend your knowledge of crime scene investigation, it wouldn’t hurt to visit a body shop to see how a car door is removed. This way you gain a better understanding of what goes into collecting evidence. Some applicants will even ride with police officers or emergency medical technicians (EMT) to get a first hand look at crime and science. Those who spend time in a morgue will no doubt become familiar with what may become a regular scene of the human body. Why become a crime scene investigator? Good question! Do you like science, or do you like gathering evidence to help solve crimes? Does medical curiosity draw you in? All of those aspects go into crime scene investigation. So you need to ask yourself are you willing to investigate it further. You will be able to learn about other jobs while you are a crime scene investigator. You will work with local law enforcement, hospitals, medical labs and even law offices to present evidence. Each area listed above uses crime scene investigators. You’ll primarily learn to gather evidence and process the crime scene. You will also be working with a team. If you’re the type of person who likes working alone, this might not be the best career choice. Crime scene investigation can really be an exciting career for those that love the type of work described above. If you are interested, I urge you to investigate it further. You can do this by visiting websites that cover CSI in more detail. Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the Resource Box should be included and the links are live links.

The News Media Whispers the Truth About Crime

Three guests on Larry King’s July 30 TV show droned on about reforming parole regulations to prevent such home invasions in the future. Fine, reform the system. But remember that not all predators are paroled felons – they might well be felons already released from parole or up-and-coming young monsters with clean records. What about them?

Inexplicably, the unlocked door the killers had entered was never mentioned on Larry King (and just barely mentioned four times in hundreds of media reports). The glaring flaw in basic home security that led to the fiendish destruction of a family was glossed over as though it was a minor detail. The elephant sitting in the middle of the room was nearly invisible.

Now, had the door been locked, the invaders likely would’ve looked for other ways in, and if that failed, likely would’ve moved on to look for unlocked doors elsewhere (few doors in that naïve “safe” neighborhood were locked – as one report mentioned) and a different family likely would’ve been attacked instead.

The media also had their eyes wide shut during the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping in Salt Lake City in 2002. The kidnapper had entered through an open window, yet the danger of leaving a window open, as usual, got scant attention in the massive media coverage. Since then, the father, the ironically named Ed Smart who’d recruited the Charles Manson-like panhandler/kidnapper to shingle his roof, sometimes guests on TV panel discussions (as an expert) where his security blunders go politely unmentioned.

Of course the media doesn’t want to “blame the victims.” It would seem almost cruel to add insult to injury – to blame those poor souls for contributory negligence. But, as a result, the one possible silver lining in the Petit tragedy – explicitly warning people of possible horror from leaving doors and windows unlocked – was squandered, lost forever. We’ll never know how many future victims of such crimes might have been spared. But just the possibility of sparing even one innocent soul from such a hideous fate would be well worth the tiny effort.

Know this: roughly half of the 8,000-plus home intrusions daily in the US (that’s 2.9 million annually, per the US DOJ) are “Walk-Ins” through doors and windows blithely left unlocked until bedtime or until leaving the home unoccupied. Is the invisible elephant starting to come into focus now?

Of course nobody wants to blame the victims. Those innocents were lulled into the same false sense of security that seduces most people living in the Sleepyvilles of the world. They just didn’t realize that predators far outnumber the police – and that predators have all heard how Sleepyville has poor security – where people actually brag about not locking their doors or windows!

Some particularly innocent victims leave their doors unlocked even after they’ve been invaded through unlocked doors! It’s not always easy to find sympathy for such wanton carelessness, but we must remember, after all, that they are indeed innocent victims – in both senses of the word.

Yet when some poor souls end up butchered, their murders will be bemoaned in the media – with barely a peep about their unlocked doors or windows. And on and on it goes.

Wouldn’t this blasé public attitude improve (at least a bit) if the media regularly mentioned a brief, tactful security precaution at the end of each crime news report? Is the media too polite to save future victims – even if it’s just one?

It’s a shame that those who’ve suffered a crime due to unlocked doors and windows had to learn such a harsh lesson the hard way. The news media could have – and should have – done a better job of warning them.

Reasons Why You Should Read Crime News

Everybody needs safety and needs to be assured that everything is just fine. However, there are really things which you cannot help but be shocked how things have happened. These things include crimes maybe in your own locality, country or abroad. The thing is that you need to get updated from time to time about the things that are happening in the world. If not, you will not know if some crimes happened in your neighborhood. Thus, it really pays a lot to read Crime News.

Here are some of the reasons why you should read the most updated crime news;

#1. You will be updated with what is happening in your locality.

There are things you do not know in your locality especially when you are living in the neighborhood where crimes happen a lot. Of course, you do not want yourself get involved with the crimes by going to the crime site. Instead, you just have to wait for the paper or broadcasts on the radio or TV, or you may want to read it over the internet. By doing so, you will be able to know every single detail you need to know including the safety of your neighborhood.

#2. You will be updated with what your government is doing about the crimes.

Crimes happen not because there are no laws which govern the people. Instead, there is a lack in implementation. By reading crime news either on paper or the Internet, you will be able if the government is doing something to lessen the crime incidents in your place or in your country.

#3. You can give your comments or insights.

The great difference between reading crime news in paper and Internet is the ability to give your comments, reactions and insights. If you are reading the papers, what you do is read, absorb and voice out your reactions which only you can hear and agree. Whereas, when you are reading news over the Internet, you can voice what you want others would hear and read. Thus, you can freely interact to share your ideas. Is it not the way you want it?

Crime News is always updated to cater the needs of the people who need fresh updates on the hottest issue. In fact, media is manipulating this news to be able to build their credibility in bringing the first pulse of all relevant issues to the newly committed crimes as well as those which happen a long time ago.

Get the Updates on the Latest Crime News
Latest Crime News from all over the world is published every hour. Do not get yourself be left behind with what’s happening in your place and the world. You may subscribe to our RSS Feed to get the freshest crime news delivered in your mailbox or you can download our News Ticker and install in your PC to get real time updates on everything we publish.

Exploring More Opportunities With Online Persian Daily News

Today, journalism and communication has taken a centre stage. Each time when we browse through the television channels, we see an altogether a different and wide news channel that run 24X7. There are various agencies that are focusing to make their online presence feel in the internet world. Moreover, all the daily newspapers; major as well as the new ones are coming up with their online news websites so as to keep people updated about all the latest Iranian farsi news as well as international news.

There are many myths and misunderstandings that are attached to the term ‘news’. News, basically, is a straight reporting of a particular event or an incident without being biased or personal and giving an opinion without being influenced by any factor. It is actually to narrate an incident exactly the way it happened. News has a huge range of different types of incidents like politics, finance, art and culture, calamity, terrorism, technology, economic, health and many more. The trend of covering live news started with the arrival of news channels.

There are many news channels and news agencies in USA and outside also that are known for their uniqueness along with their distinct and fearless journalism. Such channels and news agencies have their individualized websites that cater to a good amount of worldwide audience. However, what is more appreciable these online Iranian persian newspaper is that they are fully dedicated towards updating and providing news and regular updates since they have a wide variety of categories that is able to provide news for all kinds of visitors. This is a strategy of the online news websites to attract more and more visitors to keep them glued to their sites. The categories include daily news, lifestyle news, political news, travel news, world news, technology news, auto news and business news.

With the launch of online news portals, the news channels and agencies are benefiting in a huge way. All the coverage can be now made live on the television along with the corresponding news website. The writers of these newspapers carry on a mammoth amount of research day by day on their subjects and come out with some exclusive news that can be used both online and offline. Such researches prove to be useful to earn audience on a global platform; so, it is essential to have news writers for the Persian daily news channels and other world agencies.

In the current scenario, several news stories are being updated by the different online newspapers and agencies on their respective sites. The primary focus of these online portals is to convey the latest news and current affairs to their target audience in a amalgamated manner. Presently, the country is coping with corruption, crime and various political issues; that is why the news on such topics has become obligatory for any news website or agency.

By carrying out a brief analysis of online news websites, we can get an idea that the news portals are flooded with interesting facts, thrilling news, entertaining news, knowledge giving articles that are based on facts and figures. Therefore, if you need any information regarding any current happening in USA, you can check out PayamJavan and can read what you find the best that too in your native language.

Crime, Asaram Case & Politics Today: Will Our System Every Change

All of us might have heard about this “Asaram Bapu’s ashram case” in detail. As we see each time this case comes to hearing, when the witnesses’ are produced in the court, they are either stabbed, their relatives get killed or the witness themselves are eliminated. May be this Asaram Bapu is a rich Sadhu having political back up. But under our constitution, all are equal. Law is common for one and all. No discrimination on basis of caste, creed, rich, poor etc., this sounds good only to written in our law books but when it comes to reality and practicality, the value is lost. When the first witness was eliminated, why didn’t the government take the initiative to provide tight security to the others? The Bapu and his son are provided security in the prison but why not the witnesses? This is our law and order in true color.

Now coming to the Land Bill – From quite some time we keep reading about this case. Whenever this topic is raised in the parliament, there’s a lot of hue and cry from all the opposition parties. Basically, its our nature to oppose the good deeds or bills from being passed. Everyone will give their opinion contrary to the other. But the actual point will not be reached. More and more time is consumed in this process. If by any chance the parties come to an agreement over this, here comes our dear chief minister of Tamil Nadu saying ‘’not to go ahead with the Bill”. Its the nature of our ministers and politicians to blindly oppose even before completely the details of the proposal. The facts are far from them and only public money is wasted in their walkouts.

Nothing else can be done other than asking another committee to look into this matter. This will be conclusion and it will go on for another couple of years when this will come to final agreement. Let us keep our fingers crossed until all sections of people are favored from this BILL.

It has taken 22 years for our government to finally give the verdict (hanging) to the accused in 1993 bomb blasts’. WHAT TAKES OUR SYSTEM SO LONG WHEN EVERY POSSIBLE EVIDENCE, WITNESS, ACCUSED, CONVICTED IS AVAILABLE? The victims and their families have been waiting for this hearing for more than 2 decades. Foreign Affair ministries of 3 countries know very well about how these criminals have brought in the required ammunitions into our country, Although, knowing that the main brain behind this blasts’ yet the Pakistani government is giving shelter to him.

Every citizen of India knows about this truth yet our government can’t pressurize the UNO to enable us to deport him (Dawood Ibrahim) and question him! Now after 22 years Yakub Memon will be hanged this month end. Let’s take a sigh of relief at least for this “late” decision(verdict). And here we all hear about the “stay on the release of RAJIV GANDHI’S KILLERS remains”. It takes decades for the cases of prominent leaders to move ahead, what about the common man? I think it would take 3 generation who will take turns around the court until the final hearing. When will our government bring about a revolutionary change in our system? Expect for law and order, the system, there’s a lot of development in every sphere of life. Let’s hope this happens soon.

How the Case Studies on Top Crime News Can Hone Up the Skills of Law Students?

With 365 articles in 22 parts and 8 schedules, Indian constitution is world’s longest constitution. This makes the task of law students quite cumbersome. Adding to that, the number of crime news that forms the breaking news in India leaves law aspirants in quandary, making it complicated like never before.
Keeping an eye on the present situation, this article promises to act as a guide for the fresher, who start practicing law in India.
The first part of the article deals with the type of courts and the theories behind law practices. The second part of the article deals with the knowledge about the top crime news and the impact on the practice.
Practice law in courts and not in corporate sector
Corporate sector proves to be a dull sector for the law graduates. Law graduates find the court as the best place to prove their mettle.
Fundamentals on judicial system of India
There are three types of courts in India. The first tier of judicial courts in India includes district courts where judicial magistrate and district judges act as sole authority. The second tier of court is the high court and the third tier of court is the Supreme Court which is the apex court of India. Since, the article describes about the basic judicial system in India as a guide for the fresher, so all the references are based on district court and session judges.
Pre-requisites of practicing in Supreme Court
District court is the foundation of law practice in India. You learn the basics of practice from district courts about different cases. Every civil and criminal case first starts from the district courts. All the evidences and proofs are laid down in these courts which are easy to learn. Your thinking process develops from these courts as you begin to do case studies with the fundamentals.
The time that one should spend for practicing law in district courts
As per the constitution of India there is no prescribed law for spending specific time in a district court. Time duration of around 12 to 15 months is a good time to spend in district court to gain some experience. This is the perfect duration to grasp the basics pertaining to cases. Here you learn the way cases are drawn, the ways pleas are taken, and the way arguments are addresses. This basic foundation leads to practicing of law in Supreme Court.
Apprenticeship and advocate
It is always recommended to choose an advocate who has experience in miscellaneous works that includes both civil and criminal cases. Choose an advocate who is choosy about cases. An advocate with his diary filled with a number of cases to handle can hardly teach you about law articles.
High court practice
High court practice experience is essential for practicing law in Supreme Court. There is no certain time frame set for practicing law in high courts. At least six months of high court practice experience comes handy in handling Supreme Court cases. You should choose an advocate who handles service matters along with civil and criminal cases for apprenticeship.
Supreme Court practice
Finally you can practice in a supreme court provided you have practice experience in both district and high courts. Also you need to work as an apprentice in Supreme Court. There is no such time frame up to which you are going to practice as an apprentice. But till you are not confident about yourself for handling cases on individual basis you should work as an apprentice.
Branches for law studies
There are various branches for studying law that include civil, taxation, criminal, corporate, election and labour. The modern day law branches include space, intellectual property, cyber, human rights and international laws.
Case studies on top crime news can boost up your skills in handling cases
In the past year cyber crime has been prevalent in every part of the society. Cyber criminals have been active in targeting credit card details and other private information of intellectual property. As per recent crime news criminals have been accused of SMS frauds that are worth 400 million in Mumbai.
Case studies to generate evidence
The internet has emerged as a threat to the community by engaging a whole lot of the cyber criminals in the expanded space. Every case comes out to be different. As a fresher you need to be updated about the crime news. Keeping data can help you a lot while you are dealing different cases. A criminal always leaves some clue and that clue becomes evidence in a case. You can’t miss out any single point.
Some of the case studies as illustration for the law students
IP protection and trade law in India
One can register IP protection India for copyright, trademarks and patents. The comptroller general of IP protection in India is responsible for any breaches. One can register on the online portal for copyright protection. If any code of conduct is violated you can file a case against the comptroller general of IP protection and trade.
What law students should learn from this?
Under what circumstances you can sue a government authority, you should know that. Unless you keep yourself updated with the recent cases, you may not be able know the whole story. You can’t proceed with the case. Whether the individual or business suing the government authority has the right to sue or not should be judged at first place. Then after that you can proceed with the case.
Getting the missing point
Case studies give you a clear idea about the cases you are going to handle. You need to think like a sleuth while handling a case. There are many hidden points which you need to discover. What others miss, you got to pick up that. You can’t be the best among all until you come with different ideas.
Being updated with recent crime news put you on top
You can join all the missing links when you have knowledge about all the recent updates. You can go about making changes when you know the facts related to the crime news.
Being equipped with all the tools of knowledge your can spin your wheels for your profession as a lawyer.